Original Novels

A growing selection of original short stories written by Doc Steele for young adults, many of them used in his classroom and proven to spark an interest in reading.

Original Novels, by Doc Steele

Short stories for young adults.
PDF downloadable, eBooks available soon! 
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Killing Mrs. Treviño

A young girl is befriended by the kindly old woman next door, who teaches her valuable lessons about life and forgiveness.

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El Marrano 

A young man’s unsuccessful quest to find his beloved father in the northlands leads to a whole new life.

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My Life as a Little Kid

An angry young imprisoned narrator provides a first-person detailed account of some of the abuses he and his siblings endured as children.

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Learning from Angela

A young man living in a gangster-ridden section of Detroit is befriended by a beautiful girl who tries to teach him lessons in love and non-violent reconciliation.

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The beautiful and mysterious new girl is not what she seems.

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Lord of the Asylum 

Despite William’s horrifically ugly features, the beautiful blind girl, Lisa, falls for him, but can he keep her safe from the evil, supernatural fiend inhabiting their asylum?

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The Farmhand

The tall, handsome stranger seems like a godsend to Jo, but he is hiding a dark secret.

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The Colorado Killers

Dooley and Kate meet on a blind date and abruptly find themselves fleeing across America, running from both mobsters and the FBI.

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