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How to Find Corresponding Readings

in Your Prentice Hall Textbooks

Each Lesson in a grade level has a heading that allows you, quickly and easily, to find the right lesson in the textbook. The following components are generally seen in a typical lesson title: The Lesson #, Grade-level, Author’s Name, Story Title, Type of Literature and/or writing assignment (if specified), and the School Days of Credit based on a 180-Day school year.

Because parents are not all using the same edition of the literature textbook, the pagination is different. So to find a particular story or reading in the textbook, you will need to find the Author/Title Index in the back of the textbook. I recommend that you tape on a bright tab on the index page to find it instantly for future lessons. For example, if you were accessing the lesson for “Raymond’s Run,” by Toni Cade Bambara, in the 8th grade folder, you could find it easily either by looking up “Raymond’s Run” in the alphabetical index or by looking up “Bambara” in the index. 

If, for any reason, you are unable to find a reading in your edition of Prentice Hall, you can easily google the author and title to read them online.   


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