Killing Mrs. Treviño

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A young girl is befriended by the kindly old woman next door, who teaches her valuable lessons about life and forgiveness. (PDF Download)


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53 Pages


Doc Steele

Reading Level

Sixth Grade

1 review for Killing Mrs. Treviño

  1. bookworm (verified owner)

    “Killing Mrs. Trevino is one of the finest works of fiction I’ve ever read. Written from the perspective of a young Latin-American girl, it tells the tale of a special relationship formed between two unlikely people. It is full of symbolism and incredible insight. The author has masterfully crafted the first-person perspective to create a believable and inspiring story. The sweet innocence of the narrator is seamlessly combined with sobering realism. With its rich character development and gripping storyline, this book is impossible to put down. Set against the backdrop of poverty and hardship, this story is a magnificent portrayal of the power of the human spirit and the importance of friendship. It has moments that inspire childlike happiness and others that evoke profound sadness. Without being overtly preachy, the poignant truths of this novel will nudge you to reflection. You will walk away from this book a changed person. This is one coming-of-age drama you will never forget.”

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